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We provide customized IP legal services through every step of the IPR process.

Domestic application filings and registrations, Application filings in foreign countries and PCT application filings

Our professionals, each specialized in a specific field, are directly responsible for the case throughout the entire process, from consultation to registration.

Patent, Trademark, Design, Copyright

Trials against final rejections, Trials for invalidation, Trials to confirm scope of patent rights, Trials for cancellation, Lawsuits rescinding trial decisions, Appeals to the Supreme Court

We will be working with you every step of the way, from responding to notices of infringement to preparing and executing strategies in response to trials ∙ lawsuits.

Trial and Litigation

IP-R&D, Patent trend analysis

We advise you on your R&D directions based on our analysis of your competitors' IP trends and market ∙ policy ∙ technology trends.

Infringement risk management, FTO analysis, Consultation on design-arounds

For your products not yet released, we provide IP infringement risk management, Freedom to Operate (FTO) analyses and consultations on design-arounds.

Patent Search and Analysis

Technology transfer ∙ Licensing ∙ Commercialization

We provide you with consultations on Technology Transfer and Commercialization so that the fruits of R&D efforts of public institutions can grow into businesses.
We provide patent licensing services, helping you license your patents to other companies.

Technology Transfer and Commercialization

IP Valuation

We estimate the economic value of your patents ∙ trademarks and provide you with IP finance consultations based on such valuation.

Technology Valuation

Patentability Opinion

We evaluate the likelihood of obtaining a patent based on the results of a prior art search.

Validity Opinion

We provide our legal opinion on whether your competitor's patent is valid and enforceable.

Non-infringement Opinion

We provide our legal opinion on whether your product ∙ service may infringe on any identified patents.
We examine if your patent is valid and enforceable.

Patent Opinion


We advise IP-based startups on their funding strategies.

Starting a Business

We provide those who wish to start their own businesses with consultations on IP-based strategies to start a business.

Consultation on Funding and Starting a Business

Education and training on patent, trademark and design

We provide general IP education, and education and training concerning formulation of IP strategies, IP commercialization, and starting an IP-based business.

IP Education and Training